The People's Choice - Sussex
The People's Choice - Sussex 

The Services we provide



For more than twenty years our key staff have been providing Sussex residents with a far reaching range of services including:-

  • domestic support,
  • meal preparation,
  • shopping,
  • cleaning
  • general wellbeing including medication prompts,
  • check calls,
  • days out
  • assistance to appointments.

We believe that our total dedication to providing our clients with the highest possible quality of assistance alongside a person-centred approach set’s The People’s Choice Sussex above the rest.


We are proud to have evolved into an organisation with the ability to offer a comprehensive range of support services. Below is a brief guide to the Service User groups we support and our range of services  


Older People

The People’s Choice Sussex Ltd offers a wide range of services for people (aged 65+) with:-

  • physical, mental health and learning disability
  • sensory impairment,
  • those suffering from the general difficulties encountered in old age.

We can offer advice and guidance in order to help to design an individualised plan of support to meet physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs.


Young Adults

We offer a range of support services to young adults with

  • physical disabilities
  • sensory loss, including those with dual sensory impairment
  • mental health problems
  • learning disabilities
  • challenging behaviours


General requirements


We also offer a wide range of services to anyone needing day to day assistance with anything from pet care to gardening - We are here for all of your needs.


Range of Services

  • Supervision and monitoring of health & well-being
  • Supervision, monitoring and prompting with medication and collection of prescriptions
  • Companionship and sitting service
  • Check calls
  • Assistance in maintaining nutritional status
  • Domestic Services including shopping, Housework, Ironing, Cleaning windows or even changing a light bulb
  • Assistance in accessing local health related services
  • Assistance in establishing social contacts and activities
  • Help in maintaining the home
  • Advice regarding benefits
  • Developing life/domestic skills
  • Developing social skills
  • Help with bill payments and paperwork
  • Establishing and maintaining personal safety and security
  • Risk Assessment and recommendation of aids/adaptations
  • Days out
  • Assistance to appointments

The People's Choice Sussex Ltd.

Unit 8 Newhaven Enterprise Centre, Denton Island, Newhaven, BN9 9BA

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