The People's Choice - Sussex
The People's Choice - Sussex 


Our Quality Assurance includes:


  • A regular review of all services.
  • Our annual survey of client satisfaction; where appropriate contacting their relatives or representatives to obtain views and opinions
  • Maintaining a Complaints & Compliments Policy which encourages feedback about our services.
  • Holding thorough checks on all support workers during the recruitment and selection process.
  • Our policy of close supervision of support workers and services via regular direct observations by experienced members of staff.
  • Holding regular supervision meetings between each support worker and their line manager.
  • Stringent procedures for managing poor performance or conduct of support workers.
  • Holding regular support workers meetings.
  • Maintaining a regular review of all policies and procedures.
  • Providing an environment in which excellence in support will flourish.





The People's Choice Sussex Ltd.

21-22 Newhaven Enterprise Centre

Denton Island

Newhaven BN9 9BA

Tel: 01273 615088

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